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We are a Dutch couple. We work together since 1985. Merchant shipping, inland shipping, yachting, deliveries, diving or technology? We control it all: we are all-round professionals.

Hilde is the driving force when it comes to administration and logistics. She has a Seaman’s Book for the merchant navy, an International Certificate for operators of pleasure craft and coastal navigation and a VHF radio operator’s certificate. She previously served as a medical secretary, police officer, social detective and real estate broker. She lived on board for over 30 years. She covered more than 100,000 nautical miles. She takes care of hospitality & cooking. With her musical background she provides animation on board. She’s a relaxation masseur and is the over-all assistant for every other job on board.

Rob was born in Rotterdam, the largest port in Europe. As a teenager he was a sea cadet. He started professional as a coast guard police officer. He was a municipal harbourmaster and shipping policy advisor. He’s legally qualified and authorized to command merchant ships, square riggers, patrol boats, super yachts, barges, tugs, contractor material and so on. He’s a PADI open water scuba instructor, is educated to work on marine diesel engines up to 3000 kW (4000 hp), is a full license ham-radio amateur and is skilled with on board electronics and instruments.